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We’re transparent so that you’re fully informed about all decisions to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.


We guarantee superior quality from initial contact to project completion due to our years of experience.


The materials that we use are the absolute best for all seasons of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Our Services


Exterior and interior options available for those home projects that require an update or for new builds.


Redashing when older stucco needs to be removed and then rejuvenated since it has reached the end of its useful life.


Due to the numerous crevices each texture creates, stucco requires extra care to be painted appropriately.


Many years of commercial stucco experience to best serve you in new builds or improvement on older properties.


Fixed everything, including things that were cracked, rotten, and damaged.
We aim to deliver quality repairs.


Our crew can carefully remove all stucco without causing any damage to the surrounding surfaces.


Only the best materials that can withstand all four seasons are correctly used.


Budgets are to be to adhered to, and we make every effort to respect that.


When installed by our experts, stucco can last upwards of 70 years or more.


Protection against various pests, mould, mildew, and other harmful substances.

Stucco Background

Nanaimo Stucco

Nanaimo stucco is gaining popularity among newly constructed and restored structures in the Nanaimo, British Columbia region. Stucco is a variety of plaster utilized for the exterior and interior finishing of structures.

Due to its adaptability, many hues and textures can be blended in unison to produce distinctive visuals for your undertaking. Textures can impart personality and definition to an otherwise lifeless wall instantly. They also contribute to the insulating properties of building materials by retaining moisture on the exterior.

Commercial Stucco
Stucco House Vertical

#1 Stucco Contractor in Nanaimo

Our personnel are knowledgeable and experienced regarding the current local developments in Nanaimo, in addition to the standards that the locals have for stucco contractors.

The consensus among our team members is that the secret to our exceptional customer satisfaction is maintaining constant communication with each client throughout the project.

Given that we are all cognizant of the significance of these endeavors for our clientele and that each possesses its constraints, we approach each project as if it were for a family member.

The reason such a large number of new clients select Stucco Nanaimo and why we continue to receive word-of-mouth recommendations from customers, friends, and family can be attributed to this straightforward guiding principle.

Our Work

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Stucco on Commercial Building
Stucco Commercial
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From Our Clients

5 stars

“Thanks for making it happen on a weekend. We really needed the repairs and I was freaking out wondering if it would be fixed before the next storm came through. Lifesaver A++”

A Finlay

5 stars

“Did a great job on the 3 houses that were all in need of upgrading prior to tenant move-in. You have been recommended. Thank you.”

L Chang

5 stars

“We would rate you higher if we could lol. Thank you for putting up with all the other jobs going on. You are all super professional!”

P Fuller

Frequently Asked Questions

Does stucco take a long time to install?

We are proficient with a wide variety of materials, which enables us to complete tasks rapidly without compromising quality.

Because of this, the duration of stucco installation is determined by the scale of the undertaking. Typically, this consists of the stucco type, location, and quantity of applications necessary to achieve the desired finish.

A typical 1000-square-foot endeavor can be finished in three to five days.
Whether or not stucco cures in thirty days is contingent on the weather.

How do you clean stucco?

Unless it becomes soiled for any reason, exterior stucco typically does not require cleaning.

The necessity of employing a spray nozzle on a multipurpose hose to cleanse it may vary depending on weather conditions and other antecedents.

For instance, rinsing the item may suffice if it is only marginally contaminated. However, if grime has accumulated on the item, increase the pressure of the spray nozzle.

Bristle brushes are suitable for use in areas that are challenging to eradicate.

How long does stucco last?

Surprisingly, exterior stucco can last just as long as interior stucco when constructed and maintained correctly.

Although interior stucco typically has a more extended longevity due to weather protection, it is not uncommon for exterior stucco to last for more than 70 years! Some records indicate that exterior stucco can last for as long as 50 years!

How does Nanaimo's weather impact stucco?

Summers in Nanaimo are brief, pleasant, dry, and partly cloudy, while winters are prolonged, bitterly cold, damp, and frequently cloudy.

Throughout the course of the year, the temperature rarely drops below -3 °C or rises above 26 °C, frequently oscillating between 2 °C and 23 °C.

In general, weather-related concerns necessitate minimal maintenance.

For exceptionally filthy exterior stucco areas, this maintenance is typically performed with a pressure-adjusted spray nozzle hose and a bristled brush to remove any grime.

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Stucco Nanaimo is dedicated to high customer satisfaction. We want to give our customers a service that goes above and above the norm in terms of communication, craft, and cleanliness.


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